Project Zero

Project Zero provides a combination of basic skills and work related experience for a small group of year 10 and 11 youngsters in a practical, work environment. Through a series of varied projects, activities are organised to provide personal development programmes for each individual alongside the opportunity to experience a working environment with live projects, real customers, targets and time restraints. In addition to the practical element of the project, English, Maths and ICT are taught (often 'by stealth') and students are encouraged to work towards GCSE, Functional Skills or Entry level qualifications.
Some of the projects currently being worked on are:
Wizard Treads - Funded by the sale of our previous Kit Car project, Wizard Treads mirror's TV's  'Wheeler Dealer' programme where students identify potential project cars, research and select a vehicle they believe will allow them to make a profit then perform the restoration whilst closely monitoring costs and staying within budget. Students will document the whole process in a blog and taking photos and making videos or presentations to show how the project develops. They then have to market and sell the finished vehicle with the profits funding the next project. 
Renovating motorbikes & bicycles - including James May's bike then sourcing, renovating and reselling further project motorbikes & bicycles. Students also get regular opportunities to go out and 'test' the bikes either on cycle runs or at the bike track at Croft.
Running a Community Cafe - Developing a healthy menu, obtaining basic hygiene certificate and preparing healthy snacks for themselves and commercially as a cafe. Students will also be involved in the 'business side' of running the cafe so they can gain an awareness of legal and health requirements, cash flow, staff rotas and much more.
Organising a Community Event - Organising, co-ordinating and running a community event, including; marketing, finding a suitable location and ensuring health and safety precautions are taken. Previous events include the Swindon Soap Box Derby where the group designed, build and raced their own soap box cart!
Art projects - Designing and producing murals, signage and artwork for promotional materials and customised vehicle artwork plus developing a portfolio of designs for customers to use on personalised T-shirt and Mug designs. Students also make decorated clocks and contribute to our own 'Expressions Wall' where we are building a collection of paintings reflecting what is special or means something to them.
Website Design -  for local charity, not-for-profit and community groups
Silver Surfer club support - Intergenerational project where the group coordinate and help to provide free sessions for those in the local community who have not yet gained the skills they need to get online, use computers and the internet.
Remote Controlled Cars - Students have bought their own kits and built their own remote controlled cars which they regularly have to 'test', repair and rebuild!

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