Silver Surfers Social Club

* Lost touch with overseas friends or relatives?

* Want to keep in touch with the children and grand children?

*Too cold (or too busy!) to go out and shop?

* Fed up with the rubbish on the telly and fancy opening your mind to the magical, amazing wealth of information and things to see and do on the internet?

* Want to make new friends and learn something new?

If you are over 50yrs old and are interested in any of the above why not come along and join one of our new Silver Surfers Social Clubs in Swindon? You can bring along your own laptop or borrow one of ours, practice simple introductory skills on the internet, send emails, chat online, find out what facebook is all about or learn how to do letters and simple spreadsheets. If you are really ambitious you might even like to learn about how to build your own website!

computer training classes for over 50'sSome of our sessions for beginners are free, for all the general workshop sessions it is just £5 per person which includes a cup of tea and a biscuit or two! If you are looking for intensive or advanced one to one help then it is £20 per hour. We have loads of friendly volunteers and a professional web designer and IT teacher available to answer questions and help you along so there will be plenty of people around to help you out if you get stuck!

Everyone is welcome but if you wish to borrow a laptop please pre-book, particularly for the free beginners sessions.

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