WASP project

The aim was to build a cart that would make light work of dragging a fridge 200miles around Wiltshire. Unpreturbed, the first stage was planning... our ideas man, Brenden, was first off the starting block with a simple but promising idea based on the traditional rickshaw but with a few modifications.

Over the next few weeks just about everyone at Wizard had a go at helping out putting the plan into action. With loads of support and help from volunteers Stuart and Brian, alongside our class assistant Lee, the lads were soon well on their way with the project. Ryan worked extremely hard cutting and fixing together what would become the base of the cart and even did a small amount of spot welding under the keen eye of our in-house welder, Lee, he also made the hole in the top for the collection tray. Kesley bent the long handles and did all the testing. James single handedly built the inner box and shelves for Moses to put his drink and snacks and helped with the axle. Liam and Junior played their part too, Liam helped with cutting, grinding and putting things together and soon the cart took shape with fully working brakes, a customised collection bowl and even a bicycle bell on the handle! With help from Liam with the paintwork and Junior withadding the posters the finishing touches were soon in place.

Brenden came up with a great design based on the WASP logo for a poster and Liam, using photoshop for the first time, turned it into a professional looking poster and design for a commemorative mug.

Junior and Liam printed up the mugs and printed a stunning T-shirt too.

Finally the cart was finished and the lads proudly handed over the cart to Moses and the WASP support crew, complete with two spare wheels.. just in case! With so much support from the community in the projects we do with our students, it was really nice that we had this opportunity to return the favour and were able to help out.

You can see more about the WASP walk here



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