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K.W - Project Zero

Wizard is OK but I got to put up with the old man and have to put up with Jo too. I like looking on the computers at fast cars. I'm leading the remote control car project and I get on well with Lee. I have new skills with web building and I have new skills with fixing Remote Controlled cars. I enjoy everything at Wizard and get on well with everyone.

July 2011


I went with the group to pick up the car (MG Roadster).

I sorted out the boot lock, it was wedged in and I got it out. I took off the side windows and worked with Jake to remove the window screen. I took out all the instruments from the dashboard and the petrol tank, wiring looms, lights, oil filter pipes, oil cooler, heater matrix and exhaust.I checked the engine was turned over to see if it was seized.

Jan 2012

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