Kit car Project Zero

The Wizard Education kit car project is an ongoing activity where students are slowly building a full sized kit car. Initially started off by short 6 week engagement courses, the car is however now starting to take shape as it nears the first stage of completion. Just over 100 local students have worked on the project, each group working on a different stage in producing the car. Current students attending Project Zero will help us to finish the car, along with some from previous course that just can't stay away!

Students have been involved in just about every stage from acquiring the donor car and stripping useful parts, to working on assembling components, engine and bodywork then preparing it for the road. 

img_5328104 small

Within the course students have met owners of finished kit cars who have come along and shared their experiences, for some lucky students this sometimes meant the opportunity to have a 'photoshoot' with some amazing vehicles! The final test of course will be the dreaded SVA... will our project car manage to pass? Will it finally be 'road legal'? If so, we will need to put it through its paces which hopefully will include some track time, and of course watch out for the finished car as it makes its presence known around the streets of Swindon!  


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