Design & Technology

Experience gained through our engagement programmes has shown that practical, hands on projects involving the repair or restoration of cars and motorbikes has proven to be very popular amongst our 14-16yr old students. By combining these activities with good workshop practices, responsible use of workshop machinery, risk assessments, health and safety training and contributing towards our workshop based enterprises, students can build practical work related skills which they are then encouraged to utilise in short work placements.

Associated projects include:   

  • designing, building, decorating and racing soap box derby carts
  • building and maintaining remote controlled cars
  • motorcycle, moped and car maintenance, repair and restoration including our 'Wheeler Dealer' style MGB project
  • bicycle repair
  • looking at how different materials react under pressure
  • using rachet sets, socket sets
  • how to cut materials using different equipment including angle grinders, saws and disc cutters
  • exploring the different means of joining metals together and their resulting reactions, eg rivetting aluminium to steel
  • how petrol engines and gearboxes work
  • basic car electronics
  • considering MOT requirements
  • cooling and braking systems
  • tyres and their structure
  • different types of fuel in propulsion, eg LPG and petrol
  • different types of construction used when building cars
  • more responsible students will also be offered the opportunity to learn how to use materials for brazing and light soldering


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