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'Sugarplum and the Butterfly' (above) Cover of the children's story book created as part of the 'Creative Week'  project.


This 1 week intensive engagement course explored different career paths and industries where art, design and creative skills are applied. With such a large area to explore, how the course develops tends to be dependant upon the participants.

One group, for example, were particularly interested in illustration and story writing and as a result they wrote, illustrated and created a delightful children's book which has now been published in paperback. The girls were particularly thrilled when a copy of the book was presented to the school that had been signed by Heather Mills who congratulated them on their lovely book and mentioned she had read it to her and ex-husband Paul McCartney's youngest daughter Beatrice!

Although designed for the 14-16 yr engagement programme, this course can easily be adapted and offered to all age groups. This course was supported by the 14-16 Engagement Partnership.


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