Engagement Programmes

At Wizard Eduction we design, organise and deliver short courses aimed at re-engaging small groups or individuals and helping them to be able to gain basic employment related skills. Each course can be modified to suit individual needs, and, depending on the participants, can contribute or lead towards nationally recognised certificates.

Many of our training courses are provided in conjunction with a range of local employers and small businesses providing 'on the job' training to encourage the student to gain invaluable experience as they work beside professionals performing their normal work duties.

Students are supervised throughout each course by professional tutors who deliver instruction and guidence enabling each student to meet essential educational outcomes. Our course are particulalry well suited to participants of the 14-16 yr engagement programme although individual courses, work or classroom based, can of course be designed and offered to all age groups.

On completing our courses, several of our students have gone on to enjoy either employment or work placement with our employer / small business partners.


Subject to demand, in addition to many of our previous projects, we will be looking at developing the following engagement courses for this coming year, this is not of course exhaustive and if you have any particular projects that you would like us to consider, please do get in touch! 

  • Music Production and Publishing
  • Developing interactive Apps and Audio Books
  • Introduction to Motorcycle Maintenance
  • Making and playing a Cajun Drum Box
  • Introduction to Fishing
  • Social Enterprise Training (develop ideas and create a small social enterprise)
  • Introduction to Film Making







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