With car fanatics amongst our midst and as ex-organisers of classic car shows (see, it is perhaps inevitable that Wizard Education offer its students the opportunity to work on or review a range of different cars.


Students have looked at, explored and compared different types of engines, discussed how engines and systems work and had some hands-on projects to work on including testing fluid levels, renovating or replacing parts and changing wheels.

Students have continued to work on the kit car used in our previous 14-16 engagement programmes but have also worked on some unusual vehicles including a classic E-Type Jaguar, Land Rover Defender 110, V8, and a massive 18ft long Chevrolet Suburban. 



We have also been lucky enough to have had a variety of visitors bringing finished kit cars for students to review. Including a Westfield 1.8 Competition car and a MK Indy 1.8 Road Car.

One of our engagement groups were extremely lucky to have had a chance meeting with Agnettia Mason (wife of Pink Floyd's drummer Nick Mason!) who showed students where fluid levels were monitored on her private Helicopter and her own Formula 1 Ferrari (winner of the world championship in 1979, driven by Jody Scheckter)! Steve Coen Motorsport kindly also allowed the group to look around Mr Coen's thunderous Harrier C2 and his race prepared Honda NSX. 


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