16+ training in Swindon

It is important to us that our students have a clear and achievable pathway that will help them realise their potential. For this reason we have partnered with Green Labrynth to develop a flexible programme of 16+ training which brings together a blend of foundation level learning in English and Maths with a range of practical opportunities to build vocational skills through hands-on experiential activities.

By providing the same nurturing, supportive environment and similar high supervisor/student ratios to those used for our under 16 provision, we can help the young people that perhaps find it most difficult to access the mainstream provisions and alternative routes into employment more traditionally available. Ultimately, we aim to enable our students to either progress onto an apprenticeship or further training programme, find work, or rejoin more traditional training or educational pathways.

Each course is personalised to the needs of students but will include core modules in English and Maths. Students will also be able to study for vocational awards through the following key activities:

Catering and food preparation

Running a small community cafe and managing the catering provision for our community events, students will become involved in all aspects of organising, managing, promoting, cooking, food handling, kitchen hygiene, customer service and other general tasks essential to supporting this small enterprise. More about the Wizard community cafe can be seen here.

Workshop practices

This pathway will look at several different projects and enterprises where students can gain a variety of hands-on practical skills. Some of the activities will include: repair, maintaining and recycling bicycles, mopeds, motorbikes and other vehicles or machinery. Woodworking, including building furniture, planters, garden or workshop benches and other products for sale online and locally using recycled wood and materials.

Practical Crafts

Supporting our gift industry related enterprises and our print and website design businesses, students will be encouraged to explore their creative side and learn how to turn personal skills and interests into potential income sources. Again students will be expected to become involved in running and maintaining the associated enterprises but they will also be encouraged to think about their own not for profit or community enterprises.

Enterprise Training

Working alongside our small enterprises, students look at working within our existing projects or can look at starting their own Social Enterprises. We can offer the opportunity for students to study for SEQ (Small Enterprise Qualification) at Bronze and Silver levels.


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