After a full term of blood (ok, it was fake and came out of a packet!), sweat and tears (laughter!), we have finally completed our very first film!!! Almost all of the children and young adults attending Wizard, either as students or volunteers, have thoroughly enjoyed the fantastic experience brought to us by Keith Phillips of Ideal Films and his team of brilliant (and very patient) film professionals, Sherylee Houssaine, Phil Ball and Katherine Jennings,  that shared skills and mentored all the participants as they worked on this project. Special thank-you's too to Mike Wakefield of Windhorse Imports for use of his 'skulls, bones and severed head' props, Denise Dine of Simply Medieval for mentoring and use of 'George' the tortoise and of course James Eddings of Inner Sound Creative Development for his support, excellent work and music workshops to help the students develop accompanying music and those wonderful sound effects. 

Although it was hard work, it has indeed been a thoroughly enjoyable and extremely entertaining term!  

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